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The form is over here, for reference.

For Ladystuck we require that you make at least three, and no more than five different requests--prompts for stories or drawings you'd like to see. Nothing is preventing you from signing up with three requests for the same pairing or characters, but if you can we would prefer to see you vary it a little, especially if you are requesting an unusual pairing or combination of characters. It makes matching easier on us!

Here's a walkthrough guide--I'll go through the process of filling out one request and one offer so you can see how it works.


Characters (1-4): self-explanatory--if you want to see Jade and Aradia having adventures together, say, you would check "Jade Harley" and "Aradia Megido." Bear in mind that the character field is an AND field, not an OR field--you are asking the person assigned to you to include all the characters you check in your gift! So if you want a Mom fic or a Nannasprite epic, you will need to check Mom (Homestuck) (and any other characters you want in your Mom fic!) on one request, and Nanna (Homestuck) on another, separate request.

FOR THE RECORD: Snowman refers to the troll-session Black Queen, and "Black Queen" to the kids' session BQ.

Relationships (0-2): for romantic relationships you want your gift to include! If you want a gen fic, don't check anything. This is just for people who are looking for a little kissyface--or more!

You will notice that only femmeslash pairings are available for you to request--this is to keep to the spirit of the challenge, which is about ladies' relationships with one another! But if you would like your assignee to tackle a m/f relationship (romantic or otherwise!) as a part of your gift--a Disciple fic that deals with her relationship to the Sufferer, for example--you may say so in your prompt, below!

Rating: Optional--this is mostly for people who want porn or violent fic. Or, alternately, people who emphatically don't.

Prompt: The actual details of your request! This can be a tricky balance--you want to give the person assigned to you enough information so that they can make you something nice that you'll like, but not so much they feel constrained. This isn't the place for made-to-order fic or art, sorry :[

Things to include:
  • A general premise or idea. "I'd like to see the girls having a sleepover and hanging out together."

  • Additional elements you'd like to see--characters you couldn't include in the character listing, plot points, and the like! This should be a list of suggestions, not a directive; you don't want to overburden the person assigned to you. "Spin the Bottle-type party games would be a nice bonus :> I picked Jade, Rose, Kanaya, and Aradia, because they're the ones I most want to see, but you can include anyone else you want--oh, and if you can work Karkat in there somehow, I would love that."

  • On the flip side, if there are things you don't want your gift-giver to include, be sure to mention that, too! "Friendly sniping is fine, but please keep things light and happy! Oh, and I'm fine with a little light romance, but please no Jade/Karkat or Rose/Aradia, thanks." Be polite about it--you don't want to denigrate people who like things you don't like, because you never know who might get your request!

Things not to include:
  • "Anything." This just confuses the person assigned to you! Do you want fluff? Angst? Plotty stuff? Are you okay with darkfic? Would you prefer canon-based stuff or AUs? How about porn? Even if you're okay with a lot of things, be sure to say so--it makes your gift-giver much less anxious :>

  • Story summaries, or play-by-plays. "I want the girls to have a sleepover and play Spin the Bottle, except Terezi has to kiss Vriska and she throws a shitfit because she has a secret caliginous crush and she doesn't want anyone to know. She's also waxing black for Feferi, and Feferi and Vriska proceed to duel for Terezi's hand on the rooftop. Meanwhile, Nepeta is sidling up to Karkat...." For one thing, what if the person who gets your prompt is an artist? For another, it's really hard to draw or write to someone's exact specifications, and not a lot of fun, either.

  • Insulting other people's tastes in fiction. Don't go on and on about how you don't like Jade/Nepeta, or Vriska, or Homestuck porn--a note like "please don't include x" is enough. You may be assigned to someone who loves Jade/Nepeta, after all!

Please also keep in mind that you could be assigned to an author or an artist, and write prompts appropriate for both!

Here are a few sample prompts, so you can see what kind of thing we're looking for:
  1. [Neophyte Redglare; no pairing; no rating] Redglare is a really interesting character to me, especially the idea of her as a kind of double agent. So I'd like to know more about her. What was her life like, how did she ascend into the ranks of the legislacerators, what drew her to the Sufferer's teachings? Show me her hive, her ambitions, her job, or her relationships with other people (the Grand Highblood?)--anything at all, really, just give me some kind of insight into the person she was.

  2. [Rose Lalonde, Terezi Pyrope; no pairing; no rating] Best hatefriends! These two would have such a glorious, tense, snarky relationship, and it's a shame we didn't get to see more of them. So I'd like something about our favorite seers being the badasses they are: demolishing enemies, pulling off Xanatos Gambits, or just having an epic back-and-forth. I know I didn't specify a pairing, but if you wanted to sneak in some Rose/Terezi (or Rose/Kanaya, for that matter), that would be more than fine with me.

  3. [Aradia/Vriska, Explicit] I'd like some good, old-fashioned hatesex--consensual and mutual on both sides, please! These two clearly have a lot of intense, pent-up feelings about each other, and it'd be nice to see how that plays out in the bedroom. Bonus for spanking, dirty talk, and humiliation, especially with Aradia topping.

And that's it! Just repeat again twice (or more) and that's your request section!


This is where you tell us what kind of things you would be willing to write or draw. This should be a little more self-explanatory, I hope--just check off all the characters and pairings you are willing to draw/write! PLEASE ONLY CHECK THINGS YOU ARE ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT WRITING OR DRAWING. If you would be disappointed to open up your assignment and see a Jade/Terezi request, don't check that! If you're sort of shaky about your ability to write the carapacians, don't check them.

A word of warning: "any" means "any"! By checking that box, you're agreeing to work with any pairing or combination of characters you might get--do so at your own peril, and please don't come asking for a reassignment when you get a request for the epic adventures of Snowman and Nannasprite.

The "anything else?" field is for additional information. Tell us where your tastes tend in fanwork--do you like fluffy stuff? Angst? Romance? Darque and morbid? Canon? Wacky AUs? Similarly, please use this field to specify things you can't or don't want to write. We will not be doing reassignments unless we've made some mistakes--given you only pairings or characters you didn't offer or things you specified you couldn't write. Otherwise, you're out of luck.

Here's some sample offer text, so you can get an idea of what we're talking about:
  1. I like to think of myself as pretty versatile--I've done fairly cheerful fic as well as angst, and G-rated stuff all the way up to hardcore kinky porn. I'm not particularly good at really serious darkfic, though, or plotless fluff, for that matter. I like writing about characters--character studies are one of my favorite things--and interpersonal conflict. Or intrapersonal conflict! Drama and self-flagellation are what I live on. I'm good with all the characters and pairings I listed, obviously, but I have a particular fondness for Jade, Vriska, and Terezi, and I love Rose/Kanaya, Rose/Jade, and Jade/Terezi."

  2. I can do gen art or risque stuff, but I'm not very good at drawing porn (nudity is fine, though!). I won't do guro, but anything else is fine, and I'm ok with any genre. I tend to be better with serious rather than funny things. I love to draw comics/sequential art! Rose/Kanaya is my favorite, but I also love most pairings that involve Jade. I'm comfortable with threesomes or moresomes, as well.

That's it! You've completed your signup. Now all that's left to do is wait for your assignment :>
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