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What is Ladystuck?

Ladystuck (or the Homestuck Ladyfest) is a holiday exchange that celebrates the girls and women of Homestuck. What that means is you sign up to write or draw about a canonically female Homestuck character, and in return you get a piece of fic or art of your own about some of your favorite ladies. It's a chance to get together and tell the kinds of stories that often get ignored in fandom.

Does that mean I can't write or draw male characters?

Not at all. We understand that most of the Homestuck ladies have important dudes in their lives, and that it might look strange if you didn't mention them at all. So feel free to include boys or men where you find it appropriate--just remember that the primary focus should be on a) ladies and b) their relationships with other ladies.

What are the submission requirements?

All fic should be at least 1000 words! All art [art submission requirements here]. Beyond that, we'd just like to remind you to put some effort into making something nice for your recipient that meets their request well.

When is the deadline?

Please get in all your fanworks by 11:59 CST (UTC -6) on December 27.

Sounds great! Where can I sign up?

Right here!

Do I need an Archive of Our Own account to sign up for Ladystuck?

Yes, you will need an account. You can request an AO3 invite here--or, if you're reading this close to signups, please email us (ladystuck at gmail) and we will do our best to get you an invite.

I don't understand how signups work.

You can find a guide to signing up for Ladystuck here! If you're still confused after reading it, let us know on the comm, on tumblr, or by email (ladystuck at gmail) and we will be happy to explain things to you :>

I don't know if I can handle the commitment of writing to an unknown request, but I still want to help out. What can I do?

You could always join the pinch-hit mailing list! If participants default we will be sending out their assigned requests to everyone on the mailing list--if you see a request that catches your fancy you can sign up for it and be someone's hero come holiday time. :> (To find out more about pinch-hitting, go here.)

How do I become a pinch-hitter?

Join the Ladystuck pinch-hit mailing list, here! Pinch-hits will be sent to the group as people default, and the first person to reply will be assigned to that request.

You will need an AO3 account to pinch-hit; if you require an invite, please contact the mods (ladystuck at gmail).

I just got my assignment and this has to be a mistake--there's no way I can write/draw this! Can I get it changed?

We will reassign people only if the mistake is on our part--you've been assigned to write characters or pairings you didn't offer, or the request contains elements you specifically stated you would not write or draw. But we can't read minds--we can't be expected to know all your squicks and dislikes. There are dozens of people in this challenge, and it would be a huge hassle to reassign everyone who simply didn't like the requests they'd been given.

Something's come up and I can't complete my assignment after all. What should I do?

Log into your AO3 account and click on 'my home' (leftmost button on the top bar). From there you should see a sidebar with "My Assignments" on it. Click on that and you should be able to "default" from there--that way we can send your assigned request out for pinch hit as soon as possible. The last day to default from Ladystuck without penalty is December 18.

We hope that covers any questions you might have! If you're still confused or you have concerns to share with us, you can ask them on the questions post, send an ask on Tumblr or email us (ladystuck at gmail).


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